The Ten November Museum

Bangunan Museum

Bangunan Museum

The ten November Museum constructed to clarify the existence of tugu Pahlawan.  The museum build consists of  2florors of the  1st floor exhibition of 10 sculptures are used to symbolize the spirit  of struggle of people cluster Surabaya and Bung tomo “s social oration. On the second floor auditorium space as exhibition space  for weapons, photographs reproduction and exhibition of documentary heritage coliections of bung tomo.  In inddition, there are two rooms that serve eight diorama of events  that occured around november 10th, 1945 with narration.

The architecture of ten November Museum is unique, from the outside looks like a pyramid shapedtriangular main building, very similar to the louvre useum in paris. As the name implies, this museum contains of memory and artifacts from struggle of arek-arek suroboyo in the heroic battle  at 10 November, in the middle of  the museum there is a Retrorika of war battle on november 10.

Open Hours
Tuesday-Friday     : 0800-14;30
Saturday-Sunday : 08.00-13;30
Monday and national Holiday : Closea

Admission princes :
General : Rp. 2000
Groups of least  30 people : 10% off.
Group 100-200 people : 15% off
Group 201-300  people : 15% off

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