Tari Remo (Remo Dance)

Tari Remo (Remo Dance)

Tari Remo (Remo Dance)

Remo Dance originally is a dance used as an intrroduction to show ludruk. The development of this danced separately as a state reception for guest. It is danced in state ceremonies, for an example in local arts Festival. This Dance describes of the strunggle of a price in the battlefield however, in development, this dance is danced by women offenly, and creates other dancer style called : REMO Dance Princess of female Style.

The ultimate charecteristic from Remo is dynamic movement of the foot. This movement is supported by the bells that are put in the ankle. The bell sound when the dancer use stepping on the stage.

The music which is accompanying The remo dance called gamelan, it usually consist of boning barung / babok, boning successor, saron, xylophone, gender slenthem sister, flute, kethuk, kenong, kempul and gongs. The type of  rhythm that is often brought to be accompany the remo Dance is jula juli and tropongan, but it can be also gising Walangkekek, gedok Rancak, krucilan or gising-gising new creations. In ludruk performance, Remo dancing usully insert a song in the middle of the dance.


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