Building “Cak Durasim”

Jl. Genteng Kali No. 85, Surabaya

Gedung Cak Durasim

Gedung Cak Durasim

This building is often used as cultural and artistic perormance, both for entangling Surabaya or East Java potency. Cak Durasim name was taken from ludruk actor founding Ludruk Cak Durasim in Japan colonization in Indonesia. His bravery create the idyl of keen kidungan jula juli squired him as Japan prisoner in 1933.

At that moment, Cak Durasim performed in Mojorejo countryside, Jombang, and sang Javanese song enttitled Begupon omahe doro and Melu Nippon tambah soro. Cak Durasim struggle against colonist realized through kidungan represent cultural strength. Through culture, all party can be huddled up to be opened its conscience, so that look into the wise truth with interest.

Due to the action, Cak Durasim’s name then used as Cultural Garden Building of East Java. Its Name, is also used as a artistic regular culture festival performed each year.

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